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Do you want lightning fast fibre internet to your home or business? Pledge your support to ensure your home, complex or business is the first to get Evotel Fibre!

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Common questions and answers

Who are we?

Evotel’s focus is to provide fast fibre connections to the homes of South Africans. We aim to give consumers a choice as well as freedom from high telco prices and subpar service.

Why are we?

Fibre data has become the standard in households throughout the developed and developing world, a process South Africa is now going through. Local data providers have been sub-standard from a cost, reliability, service and data speed perspective. We are a company who is busy changing this for South African residents. Evotel offers different packages for fibre connections with speeds up to 1 Gigabit.

What you can expect from Evotel:

  • World class data speed
  • Uncapped data
  • Symmetric upload and download
  • Low latency
  • Great service at a competitive price
This means:

  • Multiple video streaming
  • Unlimited download throughout the month
  • Fast upload of attachments or photos
  • Uninterrupted skype chats
  • No time outs

How many arms and legs for this service?

Please keep them, we don’t want them. If you currently have great internet, chances are good you had to offer a arm and a leg to get good service, so we don’t blame you for expecting it. We are passionate about great service and making SA more connected. We love a good deal, so we want to offer clients the best possible price.

How are you able to do this?

First of all, we’re not magicians. We’re certainly not the first company to do this. Fibre has been used and proven to be a great technology worldwide. We offer fibre optic connections to the home or “FTTH”. What gives us the advantage is our experience in fibre installations and our access to resources from our sister companies and partners. This means we get the best price, so we can offer the best price.

How does a "fibre optic connection" work?

This is actually quite interesting. What we’re going to tell you isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Take some time and go read up about it further, trust us, you’ll find it fascinating. Fibre optics are strands of glass about as thick as your hair and information is sent over the fibre as light. Fibre optics are the basis on which all Long Term Evolution technologies are built, its capable of carrying unimaginable amounts of data for many kilometers. What does this mean for you? Watching TV, downloading, video calling with your family while playing online games all at the same time using only a hair thin glass fibre. Interesting fact: Because fibre optic cables transmit data using light, it’s completely free of any electrical interference, including common lightning damage.

How fast are your lines?

We offer a whole range of packages. Packages start at 5Mb, 10Mb, 20Mb, 50Mb, 100Mb and up. Prices will be made available soon.

Why haven’t I heard of you?

Evotel is a subsidiary of a well-established fibre and telecoms supplier. The parent company was key in the decision to start this venture as it meant that resources are available to make it possible in the most cost effective manner to the end user. A cost saving that we can transfer to our customers.

Why is no one else doing this?

Neotel has been supplying businesses with fibre access for about 7 years now, however they are only targeting businesses at the moment and haven’t made retail consumers a priority. Telkom have also started rolling out fibre, but it seems they are also targeting businesses and areas with a large consumer base of ADSL.

What areas are you targeting?

We are looking at densely populated areas where we can add the most value. These are generally the areas that the other providers have overlooked. We chose Greenstone Hill as our flagship area, because access to ADSL is very limited and wireless reception is also pretty poor in this area. The high population density makes installation a lot quicker as well as less expensive.

What can I do to help?

Fill in your details above. We need about 30% of an estate to pledge support to justify the cost of an installation into an estate. We get the best rates, but fibre installations are only viable on scale.

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