Hello Aloe Ridge!

We're busy canvassing your estate to see if there is enough interest. If you are interested in Evotel fibre, please pledge your details below. No need to complete your bank details for now

Please note that all data packages are uncapped.


R1500 once off installation fee

24 Month Contract

No installation fee

Please note billing will only commence from date of activation.

Use only .pdf or .jpg files. (Max 5MB)

Use only .pdf or .jpg files. (Max 5MB)

Use only .pdf or .jpg files. (Max 5MB)

Download the document here, and upload once filled in and signed.

Use only .pdf or .jpg files. (Max 5MB)

Installation Fee, what's included? The installation fee covers the installation, home fibre router and a basic phone.

Router: Is the router wifi enabled? Yes the router is wifi enabled and should cover a radius of about 15m. If it doesn't cover the whole house, we suggest getting a wifi range extender. We can help you with that, but it is a extra cost.

Fair usage policy: Evotel supplies a line speed as requested by you with uncapped data usage. The line is not throttled or shaped in any way.

Uncapped: Yes our lines are uncapped, you never have to buy data bundles/package for your home internet again.

Download speed: The packages are above and the lines are symmetrical. This means your up and download speeds are the same.

Contention ratios: This is a broadband service, so it is contended. The maximum contention is 1:15.

Installation time: Once we've reached the minimum amount of pledges, we'll take maximum 60 working days to build the internal network in the estate.

Landline number: We can provide a landline number to you. If you have one, we can port your number. You have to activate this service on the online portal, then you can start making calls out.

Upgrading/Downgrading: You can upgrade or downgrade at anytime. Again all you have to do is go onto your user portal and select a new package. Billing is done pro-rata from the day you select new package.

User portal: Once we're successful with the canvassing, all users that requested service will receive an email with login details to their portal. On the portal, they can book installation time, up- or downgrade, check usage, change personal details etc.